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1-877-DRPIPES is a 24h nationwide plumbing hot-line connecting you with a local water heater installer in your area. Our adept plumbers across the United States are on-call 24/7 offering a full array of water heater options for installation, and are ready to tackle any related residential, commercial or emergency issue with your water heater. Do you need a water heater installation? No problem! Call us at 1-877-DRPIPES and enter your zip code to speak with a local plumbing professional immediately. We are also well prepared to install and or service any related devices or systems like pipes, lines and plumbing systems.

Finding the right plumber to install your water heater and related equipment can be a hassle at best. When you call 1-877-DRPIPES you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our plumbers can install any water heater configuration, and can fix or replace any older systems parts if they are available! A few of the other services offered through our plumbing hot-line are listed below.

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  • Emergency Water Heater Installations

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Dr. Pipes Plumbers are experienced with installing all kinds of water heaters, as well as related hardware like pipes, lines and plumbing systems, and are here any time to get your gear installed, just call our 24 hour emergency plumbing hot-line

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Water Heater Installation Services

Plumbing & Water Heater Installations 24/7

Dr. Pipes reputable plumbing partners offer high quality and fair priced water heater installs for homeowners and businesses and have done so since since day one. Our water heater installation experts have a wealth of experience servicing industrial, commercial and residential customers. Dr. Pipes connects you with reasonably priced home plumbing system services, water heater installations, toilet and sink plumbing.

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Residential Water Heater Installation

Home Water Heater Installations

Dr. Pipes seasoned, certified and insured partner plumbers are available nationwide, at any time 24/7 for water heater installations of any kind. The prospect of choosing the right plumber for a water heater installation job can be a hassle at the least or even daunting. Choosing the wrong plumber can leave you worse off than before you hired them. With Dr. Pipes you can rest assured knowing that you won't have to deal with incompetence.

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Commercial Water Heater Installations

Business Water Heater Installations

Proper commercial water heater installation work requires intimate knowledge of codes and regulations as well specialized equipment and highly trained commercial plumbers. Business locations are subjected to more stringent and different regulations and laws than a housing location. Dr. Pipes Plumbing Hotline connects you with qualified water heater installation experts who are well equipped to handle any type of water heater, boilers, and related hardware even the in scope of the largest and most complex commercial plumbing jobs.

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Water Heater Installation Emergency Plumbers

Emergency Water Heater Installations

Dr. Pipes plumbing partners are on call 24/7 for emergency repair and maintenance of your plumbing systems. When you call 1-877-DRPIPES plumbing hotline for a water heater installation you can rest assured that your issues will be quickly addressed and promptly resolved. You will find that our installers can even source the water heater and other hardware when needed. You can count on 1-877-DRPIPES, night or day!

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General Questions

This is an emergency, how long before a plumber arrives?

Dr. Pipes Plumbing will immediately connect you with a local plumber who services your area. You can call 1-877-DRPIPES 24/7 to have a plumber promptly dispatched to your home or business.

What are your hours of operation?

Dr. Pipes is plumbing hot-line is open 24/7 with plumbing services near you.

Does Dr. Pipes offer full service plumbing?

Yes! When you call 1-877-DRPIPES you will be connected with a local plumbing service in your ara.

Can I get a plumbing quote?

Of course you can. Call the Dr. Pipes plumbers service toll-free, any time at 1-877-DRPIPES to speak with a full service plumber.

What types of plumbing jobs does 1-877-DRPIPES perform?

1-877-DRPIPES affiliated plumbers offer all plumbing services. Call us with any questions.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Dr. Pipes is a totally free plumbing service and does not accept payment from customers. Once we connect you with a plumber who services your area, you will be able to discuss payment options. Most of our plumbers accept credit cards, cash and checks.

Is 1-877-DRPIPES open on holidays?

Yes! 1-877-DRPIPES has plumbers offering 24/7 services near you, even on holidays.

Is Dr. Pipes a Plumber?

1-877-DRPIPES is a free plumbing service network, we are here to connect customers with reputable local plumbing service companies.

Dr. Pipes Plumbing is Open 24/7 For Emergency Service Calls

Plumbing Tips

When you can't cut a pipe, re-heat the solder

Cutting a soldered pipe is always the best way to disconnect it. However, sometimes you cant. Either you would leave the pipe too short to make a new connection, or you just can't angle a cutting tool into the space. In these situations, the best solution is to pull off the fitting as the solder melts from your torch. Just have a wet rag handy, and be sure to quickly wipe away the molten solder before it hardens on you.

Use plastic drain lines instead of metal

Plastic drain lines look a lot less reliable than metal ones, but this is not the case at all. Plastic is cheaper and easier to install, it is also easier to tighten and adjust if a leak every develops. Unlike metal, plastic is not corrosive. If your metal drain lines start to leak, the smartest move is to replace with plastic.

Do not re-use supply lines

It is tempting when replacing a faucet or toilet to save a few dollars by reusing the flexible old supply lines, but just don't. These are made with thin flexible plastic, and even the smallest leak can lead to massive water damage. Sure the risk is small, but the cost can be significant if a leak does occur. Ask your plumber to replace these with new lines, encased in braided stainless steel. They are much less likely to leak and even if your old lines are braided steel, replace them as the cost is low and well worth the small investment for peace of mind.

Cut difficult parts

Mineral deposits and corrosion are incredibly good at locking parts together, sometimes seeming impossible to take apart. The best solution is often to cut the part and replace it. Not only will the lifespan of your plumbing increase by using new parts, but often the cost of replacing can be lower than the time spent struggling to salvage an old part.

Renovation Ideas

Experienced & professional plumbers

When you hire Dr. Pipes Plumbers, you get an experienced team of insured and licensed plumbers often with 30+ years of experience. Our plumbing professionals are helpful, friendly, and always take the time to walk you through the specifics with little hassle so that you can make informed decisions. We always leave your home tidy & clean and we do everything we can to minimize disruptions to your schedule while working on a project.

Refresh your bathroom with designer ideas

Dr. Pipes Plumbers are always up to date with innovations and trends within the realm of bathroom design & functionality. We are always looking for ways to not only enhance the experience of entering the room, but we also want to help you to capitalize with fixtures that increase flow and efficiency.

A new sink to save space

Traditional sinks mounted inside of a floor cabinet can use a lot of precious space. Most bathrooms are small to begin with, but you can unlock some space by converting to a wall mounted or pedestal sink, while saying goodbye to the floor cabinet. Of course, if your problem is a lack of storage space then you can do the opposite, replacing a small pedestal or wall-mounted sink with one that rests on a cabinet.

High efficiency water saving fixtures

New water saving fixtures are a great way to significantly cut your water usage saving you big money in the long run. The relatively low-investment in your new fixtures decreases water consumption by 30% without a sacrifice to water pressure or quality. Dr. Pipes plumbers can install low-flow units, or if budget permits, we can install a more high tech option, perhaps with sensors to automatically turn the tap on and off while you move your hands under it.