Residential Plumbing Services

Dr. Pipes seasoned, certified and insured local plumbers are available in your area any time 24/7 for any type of maintenance, installation or repairs. The prospect of chosing the right plumber can be a hassle at the least or even daunting. Chosing the wrong plumber can leave you worse off than before your hired them. With Dr. Pipes you can rest assured knowing that you will never have to deal with incompetence or inexperience, our plumbers guarantee their work and all projects large and small are treated with the same level of expertise our reputation is built on.

Whether you would like to get a free plumbing quote, schedule an installation or repair job, or if you have an urgent plumbing issue anywhere in the continental United States, call Dr. Pipes and you could have a plumber at your door in less than 45 minutes.

Dr. Pipes plumbing professionals use only the latest state of the art equipment to quickly source the root of your problem and because of this efficiency, we are able to get the job done at a better price than the competition. Call us anytime day or night on our toll-free 24-7 plumbing hotline at 1-877-DRPIPES (1-877-377-4737) for a free quote or emergency service.

Residential Plumbing Services Available in Your Area

Whether you require simply deplete cleaning or a whole pipes registration, call our group of qualified and talented handymen. we take pride in the work we perform with our dedicated plumbers.

Dr. Pipes Plumbing is Open 24/7 For Emergency Calls in Your Area

Plumbing Tips

Avoid clogging your sink

Unclogging your sink is usually relatively quick and inexpensive when you call Dr. Pipes Plumbing, but a few simple rules of thumb can avoid clogs completely. First, if you have a garbage disposal unit try running cold water down the drain for about fifteen to twenty second before and after using the disposal unit to be sure nothing is sticking. Second, never pour liquid grease down your drain, if need be just wipe the grease from pans and pots with something disposable and throw it in the trash. Third, don't put fibrous or stringy materials in to the garbage disposer. Waste such as carrots, banana peels and animal skin or fat should never go down your drain.

Easy garbage disposal repair

Your garbage disposer unit has a built-in protection for the motor. It has a sensor that detects whether the unit is overheating, and if so it shuts off as a safety precaution. If you find your disposer stopping on its own, it could be an overloading or broken electrical connection. This is easy to check for. First, never stick your hands or any objects down the drain. Turn the switch off, and make sure that the disposer is tightly plugged into its power source. While the unit is switched off, press the reset button which can be found on the bottom or front of the unit. Turn the unit back on and check if the problem is corrected.

Ask for Samples

Before making a final decision on plumbing fixtures like faucets and shower heads, it might help to see the unit physically. When planning your residential plumbing renovation, ask your Dr. Pipes plumber if he can procure samples units of your top three choices. This is not an unreasonable request and most of our plumbers keep an array of fixtures in their service vehicle.

Maintenance schedule

It is important to properly maintain plumbing & fixtures especially in older homes. Residences with plumbing over 30 years old should be regularly checked if not monthly, yearly to ensure that everything is in working order to minimize the risk of a plumbing emergency. Ask your Dr. Pipes plumber about maintenance checks and full service residential plumbing plans so that you can sleep well at night.

Renovation Ideas

Think about decor fluidity

Whether your washrooms and kitchen are country, ultra modern or traditional style, consider the surrounding areas when thinking about plumbing fixture decor. For example, nickel & chrome metals and strong horisontals have great symmetry with modern styled rooms while simple and clean lines blend beautifully with minimalist detail. More ornate rooms with traditional lines will look best with similar style fixtures.

Consider your family habits & lifestyle

Every family is unique and as such, every home is subject to different wear & tear. For example, most shower fixtures and bathtubs are used less than kitchen sinks. In this case it might be a wise investment to refit the plumbing fixtures in your kitchen with one-touch control faucets or hands-free faucets. If you frequently entertain guests, you might consider high polished metal or dramatic silhuette faucets. Consult your plumber for ideas, Dr. Pipes plumbers are extremely knowledgeable in these areas.

Set your budget in advance

Homeowners often forget to consider items such as plumbing fixtures when budgeting for a kitchen or bathroom renovation Although these are mostly inexpensive, you can usually save money by deciding on new fixtures before a plumbing project is started, as old fixtures can sometimes be time consuming to remove and refit to the new plumbing. Another thing to consider is that the cost of new fixtures is usually offset by the efficiancy. When a faucet reduces your water bill by 30% per month, it pays for itself quickly.

Don't ignore aging pipes

You may not want to hear that your old pipes need replacing, but it is imperative to do - especially if your plumbing was installed in or before the 80s. It is a slow process and you may not notice, but your water pressure is significantly reduced over time as a result of sediment formation. Dr. Pipes recommends that you replace all connections and pipes with either PVC or copper.