Dr. Pipes Commercial Plumbing Services

Commercial and industrial plumbing projects often require specific licensing, equipment and specialized credentials. Dr. Pipes plumbers are up to speed with all local plumbing industry standards, and they hold all required certifications and have a regulation compliant safety background. Rest assured, whether your project is small or industrial scale, Dr. Pipes right for the job.

Our certified and fully licenced plumbing professionals are available to provide scheduled maintenance and inspections to ensure all code requirements are met for any type of plumbing systems. We will make sure your systems are up to speed and that your drain lines are performing at capacity and able to handle adequate volumes of water flow.

Call Dr. Pipes plumbing today for scheduled installations, preventative plumbing maintenance and code compliant inspections to ensure that your facility avoids an emergency plumbing situation. You can reach us anytime on our toll-free 24/7 plumbing hot-line at 1-877-DRPIPES (1-877-3774737).

Commercial Plumbing Services Available in Your Area

Dr. Pipes commercial plumbing professionals are experienced with servicing all types of commercial and indusrial facilities, including but not limited to Restaurants, Churches, Recreational facilities, Malls, Convention halls, Factories, Plazas, Warehouses, Food processing plants, Cold storage facilities, Hotels and more. We've listed some of the commcercial services we provide below.

Dr. Pipes Plumbing is Open 24/7 For Emergency Calls in Your Area

Commercial Plumbing Tips

Hotels - Keep water pressure in check!

One of the worst things for a guest at your hotel is a weak shower, when water pressure is lacking, it is likely your guests wont return even if they are satisfied with the rest of your facility. It could even result in bad reviews. Investing in powerful shower pumps and having regular pressure guage tests run on your water circulation system is a sure bet to keep your guests adequately hosed down.

Unclog slow drains

If your sinks are a little slow in the drainage department it is best to correct this before things get worse. The last thing you need is a sink that wont drain. This can sometimes be fixed by simply pouring a mixture of vinegar and hot water down your drain to dislodge any debris. In fact, doing this routinely every three months or so is a good idea as it can help to keep your drainage system in healthy working order.

Flush only what your plumbing is designed to flush

Toilet clogging and leaks can be disasterous for any business. If your toilets fail, so might your reputation with some customers. It is always a good idea to keep your employees reminded about what can and cant be flushed, as most toilets are designed to handle toilet paper and human waste only. Signs in your washrooms can also keep customers reminded. Finally, be sure to install toilets manufactured by someone respected in the commercial plumbing sector so that in the event someone is flushing more than toilet paper and waste, your system wont fail.

Routine appliance inspection

Often leaks can occur from things you would'nt expect, such as a washing machine or fridge. These types of issues can cause mildew and mould if they are'nt noticed and corrected quickly. Anomilous puddles are a dead giveaway, but the problem is likely more severe than it needs to be by time puddles are noticed. Having your plumber routinely inspect appliances will ensure that your kitchens operate at capacity with minimal downtime.

Commercial Renovation Ideas

Don't sacrifice quality for cost

When it comes to plumbing systems and fixtures, sacrificing quality for cost is never a good idea. Ever. The cost of servicing a plumbing emergency can be higher than the cost of actual fixtures and lines, not to mention the loss of business if the emergency shuts you down. Spend a bit more on your systems initially, and you will be able to focus on regular business operations - uninterrupted by emergency plumbing situations.

Use an experienced team of experts

The last thing you need when performing new installations and renovations is to fall behind on schedule or to end up with a sub par finished project, or to come in far over budget. Taking the time to properly vet your contractors will save you time and money. A knowledgable plumbing expert will be able to properly quote your project with more accurate costs and time frames, as well as to provide good advice on which systems and fixtures will be the right fit.

Take size and age into consideration

It is always a good idea to make sure all washroom equipment items are easily accessible for people of different ages and sizes. For example, installing hand bars above tubs and beside toilets makes the facility safer for both children and elderly users.

Use the best grout on the market

When installing showers and flooring, always use the very best grout money can buy. One of the biggest issues with aging bathrooms is moisture absorbing into the walls or floor. This can cause an array of other issues and massively increases wear and tear.