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The Dr. Pipes Philosophy

Dr. Pipes Plumbing partner professionals strive to deliver world class plumbing services and superior customer support. Over the years, this has been our first priority and will likely be the first thing you notice about us over our competitors. Simply put - Dr. Pipes & affiliates customer service, pricing and quality workmanship is unmatched.

From the moment you reach out to our 24-7 hot-line until the job has been completed, you can count on our effective, friendly and reliable customer service. We understand that in the event of a plumbing emergency, the last thing you need is to be greeted by an unfriendly or unhelpful individual. Friendly staff are on-call to greet you with warmth and support, from beginning to end!

The Dr. Pipes code of values is as follows. Our clients are respected above all else, we have great pride and integrity in our service, The customer is the focus and we love what we do. Call Dr. Pipes today for a refreshing experience with world class plumbing professionals. +1-877-DRPIPES

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Dr. Pipes is always here to tend to your plumbing issues, just call our 24 hour emergency plumbing hot-line

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